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Training and Fellowships for the Environmental Protection Agency

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

Purpose of this program:

Assistance agreements are awarded (1) to support students through traineeships for occupational and professional training; and (2) to develop career-oriented personnel qualified to work in occupations involving environmental protection and pollution abatement and control. Fellowships are awarded (1) to enhance the capability of State or local agencies responsible for environmental pollution control or other agencies with similar pollution control responsibilities; (2) provide educational renewal opportunities for their career oriented personnel to achieve additional knowledge through academic professional training; and (3) to bring new people into the environmental control field. Funding Priority: The Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response has a priority to provide training opportunities to students from diverse backgrounds to perform work in hazardous waste material programs. Funding priorities for FY 03 include the following: (1.) The HACU National Internship Program provides an experiential education opportunity for students that will enhance their academic studies and allow participants to gain work experience in the federal sector that strengthens their academic experience or furthers an expressed area of interest. This work experience may be useful in stimulating an interest in working for the federal sector and could benefit the federal government in identifying a diverse pool of potential employees. (2.) Fellowship grants are provided to eligible undergraduate and graduate students to perform research projects in the following categories: 1) environmental policy, regulation and law; 2) environmental management and administration; 3) environmental science; 4) public relations and communications; and 5) computer programming and development. (3.) Grants that will provide a professional asbestos/lead-based paint removal certification program. The training will provide potential disadvantaged business owners with the training necessary to do asbestos/lead-based paint removal.